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Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire
The River Community Church, Hartland, MI

The River Community Church is an art-oriented, non-denominational, Bible-based church in Hartland, Michigan. The video was designed for the church's band to play the song in sync to the video. The original soundtrack is used here for display-sake only.

This music video was used in The River's 2005 Christmas Service tied to a drama of an American soldier from Iraq—on a lay-over in an airport bar—questions the importance of famous people's lives in his own and others lives—including the birth of Jesus.

The video segued right into the drama—an airport bar with a famous people theme. The famous people hanging in frames on the walls are the same famous people images from the video. The drama segues into the pastor's message—about the birth of a very important person.

The video is live video, art elements intertwined with stylized stills of famous people set to match the fast-pace of the song. All the people mentioned in the song are represented in the video. Also, the shapes of the block backgrounds relate to something within its block of lyrics. Likewise there are also numerous subtle design elements and motifs throughout. Design, art and editing by me.


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