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249 Peninsula Lake Drive
Highland, MI 48357
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The Gallery of the Arts
A Virtual Fine Art Gallery

The Gallery of the Arts

I conceived, designed, coded, and maintain this high-SEO website. I also designed and market the brand. Detroit Rock N' Fashion: A Virtual Art Exhibit is a cutting edge, dynamic, multimedia art exhibit created to make worldwide buzz for The Gallery. In creating this website I've also developed relationships of varying degrees with all 35+ artists, as well as many more from around the world with interest for inclusion, as well as dozens of photographers and musicians.

This site is optimized for dozens, hundreds of keywords, many very difficult ones that will take some time, but the site is very tight and the softer keywords began ranking immediately. Nearly all the artists' galleries rank page one by searching their name—and that is where most the business comes from. Virtual fine art, giclee print gallery, digital fine art and many others rank very high on the search engines.



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