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249 Peninsula Lake Drive
Highland, MI 48357
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Holley Performance Products (v1)
Bowling Green, KY

Holley Performance Products (v1)

This was a one year project that lasted eight years. I did absolutely everything on this site. I conceived and launched this popular website with 80 pages and 200 visitors a day. I maintained and grew the website to 20,000 pages and 30,000-40,000 visitors a day, updating 5,000-7,0000 pages a year—all via email, phone, fax, FedEx and quarterly visits with this client two states away.

I first designed this tight SEO website from the assets of a CD project Phil Gibbon—longtime Holley graphic designer—and I had done for Holley. The site was successfully optimized for several product lines, dozens of brands, hundreds of products, and 10s of thousands of SKUs. I designed, built and maintained this website with a three-to-eight member team I developed and directed. Many innovative design, navigational and production processes were developed with this award-winning website.

Aside of the graphical, structural and SEO design, I literally hand-coded thousands of pages and directed thousands more. Likewise thousands of graphical elements. Though there were tens of thousands of individul (HTML) pages, few were more than two clicks away from each other. Consistant surveying proved this to be a very user-friedly and intuiative website to navigate.

I also did interactive CDs for Holley, traveled to Holley clients around the country, as well as trade shows for new media instruction. I did package design, designed ads and trade show graphics as well as numerous other projects with Holley.



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