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Nina Friday
acrylic paint

"I am a full time, self taught artist and musician, born in St. Peterburg, Russia. My art is inspired by my childhood memories, old movies, bizarre things I've come across while antiquing, old photographs, people I've met, music, seasonal changes."

--Nina Friday

Nina Friday Art Gallery
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Key Keeper It's On Bliss Bianca VooDoo Doll Adela
Abducted Day Of The Dead Absynthe Minded Killing Time Target Sling The Hunted TiKi Baby Eye Patch

Nina Friday Jewelry Gallery
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It's On necklace RX earrings Siamese Dream earrings Killing Time necklace Target necklace Persephone necklace Eye Patch necklace

Inspired by depression era photographs, film noir and images from her sweetly, twisted subconscious, artist Nina Friday paints an ambiance whose time and place is left to the viewers digression.

This world is filled with large eyed vixens, dime store hustlers and street children with sinister smiles sheltered in a ominous sepia toned veil. These wolves in sheep clothing are painted with an elegant facade, everyday folks aspiring look their best, but what are they suppressing? A secret or just a hardened soul. Peeping at her nostalgic entities one gets the sense that these are people that you shouldn't turn your back on and you sure dont want to bump into any of them in a darkened alley, unless you're looking for a good time.

As a medium Nina typically uses acrylic paint on wood panels, which is then distressed and finally mounted in a hand-painted found or a vintage frame to compliment each piece. Nina's artwork and jewelry is collected throughout North America and Europe.

The Ruiners

Aside from her prolific painting and jewelry-making, Nina also sings and performs in a Detroit, Michigan grease-glam rock band—The Ruiners. The band described by one reviewer/writer, "The Ruiners are a wild and fantastic beast; pure white lightning; Rick Ruiner On Fire!; a sexy car barreling through a crumbling tunnel surging sparks in the direction of what looks like self-destruction, yet the car handles hellacious commotion ever so gracefully, as the driver grins through the melting windshield and decides to stomp on the gas."

The Ruiners - Happy Birthday Bitch CD