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Dean Rogers color pencils, graphite

"In my life, I search for beauty, innocence, and compassion. When I find it, I try to capture it — thus the compulsion to create portraiture.

I strive to recreate people on a 2-dimensional plane in a way in which they appear to "come to life." I hope that when people view my portraits they experience an EMOTION and perhaps create their own story about the "little laughing boy" or the "pretty fairy girl." I hope that for those who know the subject, my portraits bring back special memories. I believe that everyone has their own version of a sort of "personal heaven," and I hope that everyone can find at least one piece of my art that can take them there, for a brief moment in an otherwise ordinary life."

--Dean Rogers

Dean Rogers Gallery
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Pure Beauty An Irish Lass in Summer Flowers on Tuesday I Set the World on Fire Victorian Goth Speak Easy Forgiven Rosanna A Moment of Wonder
An Irish Lass in Autumn Warmth Beauty and Grace Little Z Man Reilly She Beckons Me into the Shadows Blue Forest Nymph Relaxin Dog
Hanna Vicky Discordant Harmony Cast from the Heavens Melissa and Moonlight A Pug and his Pig Tropical Beauty Solace Kari Pops the Question

"One thing I've come to enjoy immensely is to recreate a fantasy — to discover that "something" that someone has always wanted to be, figure out how to achieve it, and put all the parts together — be it a costume, a setting, a pose, and/or a mood. Sometimes it's hard work. But it gives me great pleasure to think that I've made a dream come true, or made someone feel a little more special and a little more beautiful. This is what fantasy art is all about to me.

I believe one reason artists create is to escape into their art. Whether abstract or realism, landscape or portrait, artists often create places they want to go to, and things they want to be closer to. I believe that in these places, there exists peace, solace, and a measure of healing. When I create an image of someone, I am, to a great extent, bringing another version of that person into existence. Somewhere between having a window into which I can escape, and creating an image which 'comes to life,' is an area where I can achieve a degree of peace, solace, and healing.

I do not create art with the intention of making money from it. When I do decide to display a piece of art that I am willing to part with, I must decide how much it is worth to me. Unfortunately, this is often misunderstood and taken to mean that I am trying to be a salesman. I surely am not! Along with the reasons already detailed above, I create portraiture because I love to create it. Usually about halfway through a piece, when the shadows and highlights come together and create form, there is a euphoric sensation, which is then generally followed by many more hours of analyzing, working, reworking, and oftentimes a bit of frustration. When a piece is finished, there is a great satisfaction and also relief, as I perch it on my mantle to view for as long as I can. But eventually I do want others to see my work, for all of the reasons mentioned previously on this page — and very shortly, I want to create something new to replace it. This is my passion!"

--Dean Rogers-Portrait Artist