The D Factor

The D Factor is talent... Detroit style.
Music. Arts. Fashion. Performance. Comedy.
Photography. Film & Video. Multimedia.

Coming soon to the Motor City. Aside of the sensationalistic "Detroit-ruins" stories, Detroit is very much alive and well artistically, musically and creatively. The D Factor will present Metropolitan Detroit's most talented, emerging artists, musicians, singers, performers, comediens, designers, photgraphers, filmmakers—while you the viewers, weigh in with the industry pros and choose your favorites. The winners will each represent the "Detroit factor" in art, music, performance, comedy and in fashion, as well as photography, film & video and multimedia.

The D Factor T-Shirt

The D Factor will also welcome some of Detroit's veteran and legendary special guest artists and musicians—and as the world knows, there are a lot of Detroit legends.



The D Factor T-Shirt

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"Still Got The Boy In Me" by Danny D feat. Darryl Lee, Jimmie Bones, Tino Gross, Carly Hartwell.

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