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BASF Introduces Five New
Extreme ColorsTM

SOUTHFIELD, MI, March 1, 1998 -- BASF has introduced five new colors to its Extreme Colors line, the color-shifting paints that actually change color as you move around the vehicle. The new colors are:
Copperhead Bronze
Cotton Candy
Purple Haze
Root Beer
Tahitian Sunset

First introduced on the Ford "Mystic" Mustang in 1996, BASF Extreme Colors are unlike anything seen before. The paints contain pigments that actually change color as the viewing angle and light conditions vary. This color change, or "travel," is so dramatic that the vehicle appears to be a completely different color from different angles.

BASF has introduced Extreme Colors - in both R-M Diamont and Glasurit 54- and 55-Line bases - in two phases. Phase 1, released in 1996, was a limited-supply pigment that shifts through a blue-green-purple spectrum. Three colors were offered exclusively through selected BASF distributors. Only a one-time supply of the Phase 1 pigment was made available, and none was produced after the initial supply was consumed.

The five new paints represent Phase 2 of the Extreme Colors introduction. They will be unlimited in availability and will be sold only through BASF distributors.

The new pigments that make BASF Extreme Colors possible were developed using an aluminum flake much like that in other metallic paints, but the similarity ends there. In a patented, controlled process, the flake is coated with an intermediate layer that bends the light reflected by the flake is coated with an intermediate layer that bends the light reflected by the flake. Then the outer portion of the pigment is coated with a semitransparent coating which actually draws light in toward the flake. Varying the thickness of these coatings determines the colors and "traveling" characteristics of the paint.

Despite their remarkable visual characteristics, Extreme Colors are no more difficult to use than other BASF coatings. They don't require special application techniques, and their hiding ability is generally comparable to high metallic colors or light-blue or light-green basecoats. Two or three quarts will refinish most intermediate-sized vehicles. Equally important, Extreme Colors are easy to repair. In fact, their color-shifting nature makes blending easy.

VOC restrictions pose no problem either. Both R-M Diamont and Glasurit 54- and 55-Line basecoats can be used with current compliant clears.

With its five exciting new Extreme Colors, BASF has again introduced a collection of leading-edge products that offer refinishers the best of both worlds: a dazzling finish and an earth-friendly, easy-to-use technology.

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