As this whole way of thinking may shun those of strict scientism, it shouldn't, though it may be more easily examined in the philosophical and theological realms. Fractal patterns, like its cousin--mathematics with formulas, are not physical entities one can touch, or see. But they are evident. As demonstrated, Phi is evident in many manners of the natural, physical world. Though fractal speculations may not be proved empirically, this hypothesis shouldn't be disregarded, and considered to search for possible proof and explainations of life. From our viewpoint we cannot see the whole of our own Milky Way Galaxy, but modern scientists feel confident of its shape and makeup, primarily from what they observe of similar galaxies. Likewise the patterns and formulas for fractals of life are abundantly evident. Just look about.

Let's return to a level we are familiar with--our individual level, and go a few levels micro and macro from there. Also let's use our main fractal model for metaphoric reference. This geometical fractal is perfect with its double Golden Spiral properties. Imagine the inner, more fractalized spiral to be the visible, physical universe, while the outer, more tubular spiral is that of the invisible--the spiritual realm, or if more inclined--dark matter. Considering this analogy, where in the frac are we?

As scientists show us the universe in different modes, with different images X-ray, microwave, and color-enhanced visible spectrum imagery, let's do the same in "fractal view." The black represents dark matter, the spiral waves energy forces electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear, and gravity. The mix between the forces and the dark matter physical mass. And, let's add another force life, the white bands within the energy forces. Follow the outlines zooming into new regions, zooming from the overall universe to our Local Supercluster, then our Local Group, into the Milky Way galaxy, arriving at the biosphere Earth, zooming into our nation, our community and then finally--the individual fractal. Along this journey pay attention to the remarkable similarities in the self-replicating patterns particularly in the patterns that fade away and reappear later. Notice how the two different spirals are infinity intertwined. Even with all the similarities, notice all the individuality. Yet with all the individuality, notice all the interconnectedness--no matter where in the frac you go. Watch the common denominators. Pay attention to the seamless interactions between the dark matter, the forces and mass.

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Being at the individual fractal we have already gone through the biosphere and national fractals, as well as been along side the family fractal. We zoom down the individual fractal even further in the organ fractal, into the cellular level and the organelle fractal, through the molecular sphere into the atomic realm, the subatomic realm, past the quarks right to an individual Higgs boson.